Analog-Digital TV channel and Radio Signal Management
In Remote
CATV Headend and Broadcast Transmission Sites

Tekron Communication manufactures products and offer system solutions designed for Remote Site Signal Switching Monitoring & Control. As such, they address Broadcasters and Cable TV system operator needs for automatic redundancy switching, and TV/FM channel with remote site alarm monitoring in Broadcast transmitter/translator and CATV Headend & Hub sites. Tekron products cover switching and monitoring applications of Analog & Digital TV channel, Radio FM&AM/MW channel, RF-Broadband feed, with remote scheduling & controlled switching capabilities. They also incorporate TCP/IP port for remote monitoring, alarm and control over IP-Networks, with out-of-Band dial-up connection.

Tekron engineering efforts are focused on providing innovative solutions to Switching, Monitoring and Control applications in remote CATV Headend & Hub sites, and in remote Broadcast Transmission sites. By emphasizing an open system architecture approach, Tekron can provide today complete system solutions that are modular and highly scalable. Our system solutions are designed to address current requirements with the added capability to adapt to technology changes and respond to future demands.

Expertise and focus on TV/FM channel & Broadband feed Switching, Monitoring and Control, put Tekron in a unique position to offer products for these applications, with several solutions offered covering most signal formats available today in CATV Headend & Hub site and Broadcast transmitter/Translator sites, which include:

  • Automatic & Controlled Switching, RSS Products for:
    • Digital TV channel - ASI/SDI Automatic Redundancy Switch
    • Digital transport fiber and Satellite feeds
    • Analog-Digital TV - Video/Multi-audio NTSC/PAL Automatic Redundancy Switch
    • Analog Channel - Audio Automatic Redundancy Switch
    • RF-Broadband CATV forward/return Band Automatic Redundancy switch
    • RF-Broadband Satellite IF & L-Band Automatic Redundancy switch
  • Remote Scheduled & Controlled Matrix Switching, MX Products for:
    • IF-channel & RF-Broadband for Satellite, CATV, VHF and UHF Bands
    • Video and Audio Channel Substitution
    • Remote Scheduling and Control over IP-Networks
  • Remote TV/FM/AM-MW Channel Monitoring-Alarm & Control - RMS products
    • Transmitter channel RF & demodulated output and input feed
    • Transmitter site and equipment via relay & Contact-closure
    • CATV Multi-channel feed RF & video-audio channel monitoring
    • Scheduling & logging for Broadcast transmitter remote control and testing
  • Remote Site Alarm Monitoring Scheduling & Control - TRC Products
    • Remote Site monitor and control via relay, Contact-closure and TTL
    • Remote Site scheduling and control via relay, Contact-closure and TTL

Tekron Communication is dedicated to working with Cable Television and Broadcast system operators to provide new solutions to their changing needs including digital TV channel technology and evolving requirements in remote sites, whether scheduled switching for automation, automatic redundancy switching for disaster recovery, or channel feed monitoring for remote alarm & control applications.