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Broadcast TV/FM/AM Transmitter Sites

Signal & Site Monitoring Control Alarm

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Remote Site Monitor & Control

Passive Infrastructure & Perimeter

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Signal Redundancy & Automatic Switching

TV-Radio Channels, RF-Broadband, ASI/SDI TS

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Radio Communication Transmitter

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Cell Tower Site Monitoring

Passive Infrastructure & Perimeter

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Tekron Communication manufactures products and offer system solutions designed for Remote Site Signal Switching Monitoring & Control. As such, they address Broadcasters and Cable TV system operator needs for automatic redundancy switching, and TV/FM channel with remote site alarm monitoring in Broadcast transmitter/translator and CATV Headend & Hub sites. Tekron products cover switching and monitoring applications of Analog & Digital TV channel, Radio FM&AM/MW channel, RF-Broadband feed, with remote scheduling & controlled switching capabilities. They also incorporate TCP/IP port for remote monitoring, alarm and control over IP-Networks, with out-of-Band dial-up connection.  

Our Company

Tekron Communication manufactures products and systems intended for Remote Site TV & FM Signal Management and scheduled/controlled switching applications


Tekron Communication products Selector for CATV, Broadcast, Site Monitor and Control

Product Selector

CATV Headend and Hub Site Signal Scheduled & Controlled Switching Monitoring Alarm and Redundancy

Featured products

RSS Transport Stream Series

The RSS1-ASI station is a dual output ASI / SDI Automatic A/B switch that monitors independently digital Video
feeds in DVB-ASI and embedded channels for automatic switchover to the backup feed, with network alarm and remote control.
The RSS1-ASI redundancy switch features dual-buffered outputs to provide redundancy to 2-separate to Broadcast Digital-TV Transmitters inputs, and QAM
modulators in CATV Headend.


RMS-2RC Dual RF-Pilot Channel Automatic Switch

The RMS-2RC is a frequency agile channel monitoring and redundancy Broadband switching station, which incorporates 2-independent automatic switches, offered also with single switch. The RMS-2RC1 single switch station has identical features and performance as the RMS-2RC.


RMS / TRC Series Remote sites Monitor & Control 

The RMS & TRC Series are a multi-function web-enabled for Remote Sites Monitor & Control. They can be Monitored and/or Controlled over any IP network including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can operate the RMS & TRC Series using a web browser, or custom applications can be written to control from a computer, PLC, or other automation controller.

They are also included, SMS, Email notification, SNMP, Scheduling, and logging.

The RMS & TRC Series supports a number of protocols, including HTTP, TCP, SNMP, SMTP, NTP, and Remote Services.


RMS-10RC Radio-Com Transmitter & Repeaters Analog / Digital Signal

RMS-10RC Radio-Com Transmitter & Repeaters Analog / Digital Signal The RMS-10RC is a Radio Signal Monitor & Control Station, designed to provide a complete system solution to signal & site monitoring, alarm and control in remote Analog/Digital Repeater & Transmitters sites. The RMS station incorporates remote monitoring, alarm and control capabilities over Ethernet-IP Networks.   In addition to monitoring the transmitter RX & TX RF power level and detecting abnormal temperature and supply power conditions, also is capable of monitoring and controlling other equipment and the perimeter at the remote site.