Automatic Redundancy Switching CATV Band

    Broadband Automatic Switch

      The RSS-2R is a Broadband Automatic Switch, designed for the redundancy of CATV feeds in Headends and Hub sites. It monitors the RF Broadband feeds for automatic switchover to the backup input when the RF level of the main feed drops below its threshold setting, with automatic return on signal restoration.

    1GHz automatic Broadband RF switch

      The RSS-2D is a 1GHz automatic Broadband RF switch designed to provide redundancy to an RF Trunk feeds received at a remote Hub over split-band fiber link. The RSS-2D monitors independently the low and high band of the switch primary input, to switch to the backup input Trunk feed if either the low or the high band RF level of the primary input drops below its threshold setting.

    3 Automatic Switch Station 

    The RSS-3T automatic switch station incorporates three (3) Automatic A/B broadband switches. It was designed for the redundancy of multiple RF Broadband feeds to save on rack space in the main Headend, when redundancy needs to be added to a large number of Broadband amplifiers at the site.

    6 Automatic Switch Station 

      The RSS-6T station incorporates six (6) Automatic A/B switches. It is ideal for multiple Broadband feeds redundancy applications. The RSS-6T station monitors independently the Broadband feeds (50-1000 MHz) of Headend amplifiers or Trunk feeds for automatic switchover to their respective backup feeds and switch-back to the main feed on signal restoration.