Automatic Redundancy Switching Digital Source

    Automatic (3) Video and Stereo Audio

      The RSS-2B station is designed to switch automatically between three (3) Video and Stereo (Left/Right) Audio input feeds based on video “Sync” level and audio presence. It monitors both primary and secondary video inputs, with optional audio monitoring. It incorporates adjustable Threshold levels with built-in Hysterisis for each input being monitored for automatic switching, with adjustable delays for switchover & switch back.

    3X1 Automatic Stereo Audio with Video-follow switch

      The RSS-2VAS is a 3X1 automatic Stereo Audio with Video-follow switch with front panel and remote monitoring and switch override capability, which monitors the Left & Right audio of the main & backup inputs independently to switch automatically between three video/audio inputs depending on audio presence of each input being monitored.

    Digital Automatic switch

      The RSS-2VD is an automatic switch designed to provide a redundancy to analog video/audio channels received from Digital Satellite receivers and Digital Servers. The RSS unit switches to the backup input channel (with automatic return) when either video frame-freeze (or loss) condition is encountered, or when both (left & right) audios are absent.