RSS-4Eng 5x1 Video & Stereo-Audio Automatic Switch

The RSS-4Eng station is designed for automatic switching between five (5) Video and Stereo (Left/Right) Audio input to a single output. The RSS station monitors independently video “Sync” level of four (4) external inputs for its automatic switching operation. In the absence of video at all inputs, the RSS switches to the internal SMPTE Color Bar and dual audio-tone generators. A fifth (external) input is available to replace (on command) the internal generators as the Default input.


The RSS-4Eng automatic switch is designed for two modes of operation which can be selected remotely over a dial-up line by DTMF phone control or from a Web-page over Ethernet-IP Network. In the priority mode, it switches automatically between the inputs in the order of their priority. In the protected mode however, an active input remains switched to the output as long as it is present, even if other (higher priority) inputs become available and this until that input is no longer present (below Threshold) and after its set delay has elapsed. This is useful feature in live program applications such as ENG and community channel automation.


The RSS-4Eng is designed with internally adjustable “Delay” before switching for each input being monitored on video loss. It switches back with no delay however when an input becomes available. Internal adjustments of video (Sync) level Threshold are also available with a built-in Hysterisis. One of the advantages of an independent Threshold level adjustment for each input is the ability to compensate if needed, for video loss over a long co-axial cable at any given input.


The RSS-4Eng standard serial (RS-232) port offers operators the ability to change the switch internal configuration (as described below) and override the switch automatic operation to control it over dial-up/modem or dedicated connection. Local access is done with the use of Tekron SMC (Windows) software application (available on request), while remote switch control & configuration is accomplished by DTMF-tone phone control with access restriction code, over dial-up line and with an external modem.


An optional Ethernet/IP port is available. It allows remote monitoring and switch control & configuration from any Web Browser over IP-Networks with password protection, and with SNMP protocol by “Network Operation Center”, with alarming capability.


Tekron Communication RSS-4Eng automatic switch is intended for automatic video/audio-follow Switching applications with remote switch override & control. It is housed in a rack-mount (1-RU) chassis that incorporates both monitoring and switching functions. Status LED’s are available on the front panel to provide Video presence status as well as the switch current position.



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